1st July - 17th July 2011 

A play inspired by Luigi Bartolini’s novel LADRI DI BICICLETTE
Script by Kieran Lynn
Conceived and directed by Henriette Baker
BICYCLE THIEVES is a unique outdoor show, combining theatre, BMX choreography and pedal-powered sound. 

Inspired by LADRI DI BICICLETTE, BICYCLE THIEVES updates the classic father and son story from post-war Rome to London today, and replaces bicycles with BMXes. A timeless drama with a contemporary edge.

Six performances at The View Tube, adjacent to the Olympic Park, and one night only at Folly for a Flyover.
 An involving, interactive outdoor experience, suitable for all ages. 

*Shortlisted for the Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust Award 2011 and IdeasTap Green Fund 2011*

Many, many thanks to our generous WeFund Patrons : 
Rosie Murdoch, 
Laura Weeks, 
Etienne Tron, 
Guy Partleton, 
Andy Morrow, 
Alison Williams, 
Rob Hoyle, 
Melissa Boyd, 
Sian Owen, 
Marc van Strydonck, Howard Gooding, Judy and Andrew Graham, Sebastian Gerlach, Louise Jenkins and Maximilian Gerlach, Murray.

produced by Vicky Graham and Pip Productions
in partnership with Magnificent Revolution 
as part of Bicycle Wheel and CREATE11
 Creative Team :
Script : Kieran Lynn
Director : Henriette Baker
Bicycle Choreography : Paddy Waters
Sound Design : Etienne Tron
Set Design : Matthieu Becker
Set Design Assistant : Sophie De Bayser

Assistant Producer : Pippa Howie

Cast :
Harry : Joshua Ellershaw
Kyle : Yinka Thomas
Mikey : James Lamb
Officer Gooding : Toby W. Davies
Bicycle Wheel is a programme of art and cycling events curated by Alice Sharp for The View Tube Art. Generously supported by Arts Council England.
CREATE11 is a unique arts festival that celebrates the wealth of home-grown artistic talent, cultural institutions and iconic arts venues that thrive in East and South East London.
We'd also like to thank Going Going Bike for their kind support!